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Wild Red Clover

Updated: May 2, 2023

Natures hormone therapy

Hand holding a jar full of wild red clover

Red Clover -Trifolium pratense

Natures gifts for health

Red Clover -Trifolium pratense

Is a natural herb full of plant based oestrogen (phytoestrogens) readily available in nature or easy to grow in your garden or pots & can help many women reduce their menopause symptoms.

There are many foods a plants which contain these plant oestrogen, particularly in the legume family. Red clover- is related to this family of plants and has been used by herbalists and foragers throughout history for its medicinal qualities.

Freely available in hedgerow and backyard

Red clover benefits are thought to arise from the many nutrients found in its flowers, including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. It is also a source of isoflavones, plant chemicals similar to oestrogen.

Red clover is a herbaceous species, a flowering plant -native to Europe, Western Asia and North West Africa and naturalised in many other regions.

You may find it in pasture, verge and within lawns, it is easy to identify. Go and have a look!- always make sure you use good and reputable sources for plant ID.

Red Clover for menopausal symptoms

Also known as trefoil it had sacred significance to the druids -perhaps where the folk tradition of lucky four leaf clovers comes from. Medicinally it has been used throughout history for its many health giving properties inc . However we are most interested in its support with menopausal symptoms - as a plant based oestrogen which can help to level oestrogen fluctuations therefore having positive impact in terms of hot flushes and bones loss.

Hedgerow plants are wonderful source of nutritional and medicinal properties. Our hunter-gather ancestors would have had real reverence for these life enhancing plants. In fact, they would have had intimate relationships with the plants and creatures around them- seeing them as living beings they could learn from.

Start your hedgerow herbal adventure

It flowers from early summer in the UK and can be eaten as a wild food or medicinally where you can pick the tops in early summer.

  • Clover leaves and flowers can be eaten in salads

  • You can dry the flowers and store them to use as herbal tea

  • You can create a tincture by steaming them if high % Vodka for a month, leaving them in a dark place, strain and take a half tsps 2-3 x daily. This can be added with water if you don’t like the alcohol.

There are many tutorials made by medical herbalists on the net demonstrating preparing foraged herbs.

So check it out. It’s super easy to do :)

Foraging guideline:

- Always pick wild plants in a clean environment

-Only take what you need and leave at least a third to a half of what is available for the animals who also depend on this habits- for example red clover is a really important plant for our bee's whom need a good source of food throughout their harvest year. No bee's-no pollination- no food for us. Take only what you need

-Make sure you ID wild plants carefully using a good field guide and when looking for useful tutorials or ID videos -using a medical herbalist or experienced forager site is a great indicator of someone knowing their stuff

-Pick mindfully and with gratitude, smell them, really look at their beauty- soak it all in. Even in urban setting, nature is amazing! And harvesting and preparing these plants whilst deeply connecting to them- as our ancestors would have done is HUGELY therapeutic and meaningful - your nervous system will love this!

These wild herbs have been used throughout the ages, they are bountiful all around us.

Enjoy exploring and working with these wonderful plants. We are so lucky to have them and I feel deep gratitude for the gifts they offer us.

NB: Be aware- We are foragers.

Phytoestrogens are suggested as useful in Menopause to regulate and level oestrogen fluctuations - however- if you are taking any hormone medications - or have any medical history with fluctuating hormones- speak with a medical herbalist and your Dr before taking this herb.

Winter well wishes you and your loved ones

Hazel 🍃💚🍃

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