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Reclaiming Wytch Retreat

A Nourishing Retreat For Women

Therapists, Teachers, Creatives & Nurturers


Who want to heal the witch wound, connect with their wild, mystical selves and step into their next levels of intuitive power.


Reclaiming Wytch

Healing the witch wound

In-person retreat for anyone born female

With psychotherapeutic counsellor, artist & rites facilitator, Hazel Osborne


Cae Mabon, Snowdonia, UK

Dates to be confirmed for 2025

Join the waiting list here


In these times of extraordinary change the ‘Witch Wound’ is calling to be healed. 

We need our ‘whole souled selves’ to face the many leveled crises presenting themselves.


I warmly welcome you to come to the Cae Mabon roundhouse and sit in circle around the sacred fire, to take your place, casting your magical truth & bringing wisdom to the collective cauldron.

Wytch (Dictionary definition)

Noun. wytch (plural wytches) -Obsolete form of witch.


Are wytches obsolete?

Or just hidden… in plain sight?

We will explore:

  • healing through group sharing, speaking and witnessing each other's truth.

  • working with the land from an animist & Jungian perspective, being in direct communication, dreaming and visioning with the land.

  • creative arts therapy processing through writing, drawing and voice, using songs and chants to release energetic blocks.

  • engaging in sacred journeying and psyche reflection towards a deeper understanding of your inner world.

  • inviting an ecstatic reclamation of self, held in community and sisterhood.

  • Gestalt embodiment practices to invite grounding, a new depth of knowing and acceptance of your body. 


About the retreat


This retreat will support you if you long for a deeper connection, knowing and acceptance of yourself and: 

  • you have often felt ‘different,’perhaps separate from other human beings.

  • you have a sense of your intuitive & healing  gifts, but have felt ostracized or shamed in them.

  • you have struggled with female relationships, trusting & connecting cleanly with humans in your life.

  • you have a loving, animist connection with nature and the cosmos as friend, teacher & kin.

  • you feel called to reclaim deep and mystical parts of your soulself- which perhaps, have not felt safe to reveal or share with the world. 

An intimate team of healing and land focused female- practitioners will be there holding space and offering their gifts to the pot.

As well as the psycho-spiritual, animism and expressive-arts processing - we will explore and share ancient wildcrafting skills, working with natural foraged fibers, ancient weaving technologies and working with plants, wild food & medicine.


You are welcome to bring your wisdom and knowledge to share in this experience, if you weave/sew/sing or write- there will be space to share your gifts during our time together if you feel called.


There will be time for:

-Rest & being with the land solo. 

-Wild swimming (5 mins walk from the camp)

-Walking in the 200 acres of woodland 

-Views of Snowdon

-A hot tub sited right next to the river

-Delicious meals created from locally sourced wholesome and ethical foods


All available to support and nourish you as you process.


The retreat will conclude with a rite of passage ceremony where you will be witnessed & witness others reclaim 'Wytch'


Hand to Hand, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul 

Your gifts matter.

Your place in this ‘web of being’ matters.

Take your place at the wytches hearth.

We will reclaim ‘Wytch’, healer, maverick, creative, woman- reclaiming ourselves, our gifts, our knowing & a deeper sense of ‘sourced’- soul wonder.


Healing the connection to our bodies & our place in the world with this beautiful animate earth.

We will commune deeply with the Cae Mabon land, plant, water, fire & mountain beings-

as teacher


& kin.


Reconnecting to these ancient practices, the lost indigenous lineage of our ancestors.


 Booking dates for 2025 

to be confirmed


Join the waiting list at the link below

Are you hearing a call to heal the witch wound, in you and in the world?

As you may know, in the 1400-1700’s the ‘burning times’ cast shadows of fear, terror, pain & trauma over those who dared to remain connected to the land & the deep source magic within nature.

A whisper of ‘wytch’ could mean torture, exile, shame & death - not only for the women- but also partners, family members or other people of any gender who did not ‘fit’ the new faith emerging through Europe.


This trauma continued for 300 years and although centuries ago- with what we know about trauma -  the ripples of this still impact women, people & the collective now.


In a time of extraordinary change the wytch wound is calling to be healed. 

In this endeavor, we need our ‘whole souled selves’ to face the many leveled crises presenting themselves.

The world's wounds are weeping & resilient people & healers have never been more needed than now.

You Are Needed.


It is time to reclaim feminine power & skill.

Grieve what was lost.

Reconnect to a deeper, trusting sisterhood, repairing the ruptures of a disempowered female line as a sacred feminist issue.


Whilst honour and healing the sacred masculine, who also resides within the female psyche.



Practical details

  • Where Cae Mabon Eco retreat Centre, Snowdonia National park, UK

       Set in 200 acres of wild nature       

  • When Arriving 2025 -to be confirmed

  • Your host: Hazel Osborne, psychotherapeutic counsellor and rites facilitator

Please note: this deep dive process is not ‘therapy’. Whilst being deeply therapeutic, you will need a base level of grounding & self soothing in your own being and be able to self support through this event. 

There will be ears and hearts there for you and each other- but not in the same way as within the experience of 1-1 therapy.

There will be an opportunity to continue 1-1 therapy support with Hazel in future if wished as part of the  integration process.



Book a free 20 min discovery call to meet Hazel and find out more.


About Hazel


  • Wild therapist

  • Psychotherapeutic counsellor

  • Artist

  • Rites facilitator

  • Dreamer

  • & Mother



Hazel Osborne is a:


Hazel has been facilitating groups for nearly 30 years & ceremonial spaces for 7 years

Her work has evolved through a Transpersonal therapy training with Re-Vision Integrative Psychotherapy, a multi-discipline arts practice of 28 years & a ritual facilitation training with writer, artist & ceremonialist Glennie Kindred.

She is a grief tender & soulwork practitioner having trained with Living Well, Dying Well  as an end of life doula & working with her own experiences of grief & loss.


Other influences include: 

  • Soul focused therapy style of James Hillman (Re-Visioning Psychology/The Soul's Code)

  • Grief work of Francis Weller(The Wild Edges of Sorrow)

  • Sally Pointer -Heritage Educator and her 'living archeology' explorations

  • And listening to living indigenous people's voices including Pat Mccabe (Woman Stands Shining- Activist, artist and international speaker)


In 2023 Hazel attended 'The Witches Revival' a gathering in North England UK, 

This event by The Witches House  honoured the lives of  Pendle Witches & all people who were affected across the UK during this time of great fear & persecution.


She says 


“When I walked into the witches revival exhibition, a beautiful memorial and celebration of all things witch- I felt ‘a homecoming’. There was so much resonance in my response to this work of returning to our feminine power as intuitive & healer. I knew, I would offer something of this work to the world” Hazel Osborne


Hazel has also been training with Red Schools ‘Menopause The Great Awakener training & with Red School’s podcast host &

'Cyclical Business' entrepreneur- Sophie Jane Hardy


“It is my passion to develop a deeper listening through the wisdom of cyclical being as a woman - and in soulful connection with nature” Hazel Osborne


Hazel lives with her family in the wild mountains of Mid Wales UK where she grew up playing and singing with the moss,

bracken & trees


She offers retreats, groups & 1-1 work, in person/ & online.

Book a discovery call with Hazel

Book a free 20 min discovery call to meet

Hazel and find out more. 



“I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel” 

" Working with Hazel was empowering and our sessions were gentle and free flowing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hazel as she encourages you to embrace and trust the process and in turn you will be motivated towards healing.  

By the completion, you will find that you unlock permission to love yourself more fully and accept you for who you really are if you willing to take on the challenge of letting go of your presumptions...this time is priceless

thank you Hazel” -(JW)


“Courageous, kind and loving”

“Hazel, Thank you. This creative and respectful space to honour this hidden loss. Courageous, kind and loving 💛🌟" - "I hope more women find the courage to experience this loving support"

-Group participant (Pud 2018)

“Thanks again for being my most trusted companion”

“Let me say again, together with you, my personal development has advanced more in the last year than it has in the previous sixty. To that, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks again for being my most trusted companion” -(JM)


“You’ve helped me more than you can know”

“ I just wanted to thank you again for making me heard and for your kindness and encouragement. You have helped me realise that what I went through actually wasn’t ok and that it’s ok- not to feel ok at times.

Not once have you judged me. Thank you for the important work you are doing, you’ve helped me more than you can know” -(CMI)


“I’m thankful for how you’ve held the process for me”

“I feel proud of myself. I’m thankful for how you’ve held the process for me and I feel really in a short process of time (and I’ve had a lot of therapies) you’ve helped me. I am the same person- but it also feels pretty huge and for that I am really grateful”






Book a free 20 min discovery call to meet Hazel and find out more.


 Booking dates for 2025 

to be confirmed

Join the waiting list

at the link below

Come back to the village and

reclaim sisterhood.


Held by the land, as you embody

your birth rite.


A whole souled you.

Book a FREE 20min discovery call

with Hazel to find out more

Come... take your place at the witches hearth 

WomanIn Power.jpg

With love


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