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Spring clean your 'soul-shine'

Updated: May 25, 2021

What makes you sparkle perhaps it's been a while- not surprising after this past year of a global pandemic and the huge impact it has had in all of our lives.

Who doesn’t like a good spring clean.

To shake the dust out of rugs, wash the cupboards, the windows and ‘clear the cobwebs away’. After the dark winter months there’s something very therapeutic and satisfying about some cleaning and clearing of my space.

This spring I’ve been thinking about what in me needs a little 'jooshing up', a spring tonic for self, a re-emergence into the lighter days.

Winter can be a deeply reflective time and I think most people feel themselves hunkering down, slowing, being still and keeping warm. Fair enough! But its time to shed the winter skin, the sap is rising!

Are you kind to yourself?

If you aren't then who will be?

'Self worth' and 'self respect' seem to have an effect on how others view or treat us.

So try some self-care kindness. Plants needs water, light and fertile earth to grow well....humans need the same. If your environment is harsh and barren how can you flourish?

Everyones life situation is different and you may be facing all sorts of challenges, but small steps towards being kind, caring and supportive to yourself will go a long way.

Make a list! Have a go! Be rude not to...

Time spring clean your soul shine

But now the season is turning again here are a few ideas for shaking off the winter and stepping out to spring forward!

So have a go!

Spring clean your soul shine

  • Get out and watch things budding and growing

  • Plant some seeds for growing food or flowers (bee friendly plants even better!)

  • Take some 'spring tonic'. There are lots of wild spring greens which help the body replenish and cleanse after winter. Cleavers, wild garlic, nettles, dandelion leaves are fabulous wild edibles for cleansing blood and cells. There are tons of fab recipes on the net. Always identify your plants carefully and enjoy!

  • Vision and reflect for the year ahead. What would you like to do and experience this year. Allow yourself to dream. What’s stopping you. There is always a small step possible towards a bigger dream. Start now.

  • Clean and clear your space. Be a bit ruthless with ‘stuff’, ask yourself do I want this object, do I like it? Do I use it? Let go of things that are just cluttering your space. It can feel amazing. Keep things that bring you joy.

  • Give yourself some self care space. No one will do it for you and everyone needs some ‘me time’

Have fun and enjoy

Warm wishes

Hazel <3

Hazel Osborne

Get Inspired, its time....

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