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Dance Yourself Free

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Movement and somatic bodywork can free what can't be spoken

Artwork by Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan was a free spirited dancer who broke from the constraints of technically restrictive movement creating her own free form style which iconically paved the way for contemporary dance forms.

Dance like nobody is watching


Everybody can dance!

Yes you!! you with your 'two left feet'

I'll bet if you had a quiet space and put on your favourite music, closed your eyes and let your body move without judgement- you would have a lot of fun and feel great!

I dare you! Have a go, i'd love to hear what you found.

Moving our bodies to rhythms and expressing ourselves is an ancient human past time, it's definitely not a new idea. I would venture to say I believe we need to move our bodies this way.

If you allow yourself to move without inhibition and judgement, you will find it will support you with your emotional and physical health.

Dancing uses all muscles of your body

  • moves your blood around clearing and cleansing your system

  • strengthens your cardiovascular system

  • strengthens your muscles

  • brings joy

  • moves emotional states

Whats holding you back?... a hurtful comment from the past...

Perhaps now it the time to meet that hurt child still held within, reassure them and move through that humiliation.

People hurt others because they are hurt themselves and when we meet our feelings of shame and pain and work with them consciously we can metabolise the emotion and move through it.

Give it a go, you don't have to be a technician, you just need to flow with your intuition

It's time. Let loose, in your living room, out in nature, with family or friend, join a dance class. Begin in a way that is manageable to you. Start small, fingers, toes, hips, find out what does each part of your body do? Be gentle, have fun, put on your favourite tunes and let go..

Dance like no-one is watching,

It's time to move your body.

If you would like a facilitated session to enable you to begin exploring this somatic work you can check out my bookings for 1-1 movement wellbeing sessions & all the current 1-1 sessions I offer

Watch this space for my 'Dance Like Nobody's watching' online group class which will be coming soon.

Email me for further details, but until then, dance yourself free and get those tunes on.

Warm and good wishes

Hazel <3

Hazel Osborne

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