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HUM..... with the bees

Updated: May 25, 2021

My colleague Kirsten McIver and I are passionate about protecting our bees and pollinators. Not only are they amazing creatures to learn from, they are also a vital part of our food security. What will you pledge to the bees?

In 2017 my fellow arts practitioner and therapist Kirsten McIver and I began a passionate mission to bring to life a project which focused on the life and science of the amazing honey bee. HUM....

HUM... Is an environmental and arts for wellbeing project

which strives to raise awareness and explore the wonder of the amazing world of bees and pollinators. Bee's and pollinators need our help! Their numbers are declining due to chemical pesticide over use and lack of nectar rich bee friendly plants.

We have run immersive school projects to learn about bee culture and types of bee’s, learn the waggle dance and plant bee friendly garden, we danced and hummmm..ed with pre-school children, we’ve worked on intergenerational activities supporting school children to interview local elders and find out what bees were like when they were growing up and talked about how we can support the lives of these vital creatures.

It has been a joy to see people engaged with our project for there is one unifying thought, Everyone wants to see a safe future for their children, grand children and communities.

So make your pledge for the bee’s today hummmmmmmm…….

What can we do?

  • Plant nectar rich bee friendly plants in our gardens and green spaces which flower all year round

  • Leave dandelions for the pollinators most importantly in early spring and late summer- these are vital food sources for bees and pollinators.

  • Look after your wild edges which often contain vital bee friendly plants

  • Stop using bee killing chemicals

  • Sign petitions to ban worldwide use of bee and pollinating chemicals

  • Grow your own veg

  • Make your town a bee friendly town!

We all need to do our part to meet these issues which will effect the future for our children and generations to come.

Find us on Facebook HUM with the bees-

With love and sweet nectar

Hazel and Kirsten <3

Hazel Osborne

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