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Energy 'detox' selfcare for your day

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Time to give yourself a little love

Do you find yourself feeling tired overwhelmed and sluggish?

Well join the gang! there are a huge number of people feeling just like you!

It might be you've faced some adversity in your life, the current pandemic, the time you are in your life or all of these and more- but heres the good news- life can get better. There may not be the instant magic wand solution, but there are many ways towards happy and fulfilled #wellness.

Be the friend you wish you had

By focusing on your #selfcare you can make a big difference to your daily life, by giving ourselves a little of what we wish for, accepting that we are all flawed human beings and that mistakes are part of learning can relieve a huge sense of internal pressure which does not make for a happy human. Be a friend to yourself- the kind of friend you wish you had.

If you don't give yourself what you want...who will?

The time is now!

There is no time like the present, what do you enjoy? what makes you happy? what relaxes you?

#choosetobewell and try something which supports and interests you, something you can do at home -rain or shine, something that takes you outside into fresh air and nature, something which moves your body and makes you happy. Go for it!

Start by making a list, if its hard to know what you want you may have received some critical comments as a child and adult which did not support the development of your own interests and self expressions. Go back to the start and 're-member'... what made you happy as a child? despite anything else you were facing... what did you like/love enjoy doing or engaging with.

Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to try but your internal judge says "thats stupid" or "you'd be rubbish at that". These voices we've ingested from our physical environment are no longer serving us. They have tried (amazingly) to keep us safe from further criticism throughout our lives, but now perhaps are causing us pain or depression as we find it hard to do things, hobbies, jobs which give us joy, purpose and wellbeing.

So get those coloured pens and paper out - or whatever medium works to capture your 'joie de vivre' (enjoyment, buoyancy, zest for life) which may have been hard to 'allow' yourself for a good long while.

If you would like to explore this in a facilitated space have a look at my bookings page to see the full spectrum of sessions and contact me for a free 30min call to discuss options.

Positive health, kindness to you, joy... have a bit of that!

It's your time.

Warm and good wishes

Hazel <3

Hazel Osborne

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